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SIGNS IN 24 HOURS?  Yes, we truly make many signs "next day"!

Our Process: 

1.) Written Estimate

2.) Written Approval on Pricing

3.) Invoice with link to Pay Deposit online (Required for all Orders)

4.) Sketch with Written Approval

5.) Most order can be ready for pickup by 4pm the next business day.


We start with a Quote for your signs. If the estimate is approved, we email you an invoice and ask you to pay a deposit online to get started with your order! Once your order is official, we cut all materials to size and order any materials we might need.   From there, we email you a sketch (1 free drawing per sign ordered) detailing how your sign will look. This gives you the opportunity to make any changes or additions you may need before we go into final production. From final approval on art, your signs are ready for pick up by the next afternoon.**   If revised sketches are requested, we bill an additional $35 per sketch.

Longer Term Projects

Some products that we offer cannot be produced in 24 hours. These longer term projects include: ADA or braille signage, cast or etched metal plaques, 3D logos, acrylic or glass signs and more.  These signs take weeks or up to a month to complete.  Be sure to let us know your deadline!

Delivery & Shipping

Please let us know when you place your order if you'll need us to help coordinate delivery or shipping.  Most orders do NOT include delivery. These days you can even send rideshare for pickup. If delivery is required, we encourage you to make arrangements with your courier or let us know and we can hire ours.  We can take your signs to FedEx nearby and ship them for you.  With your FedEx account number we wouldn't need to bill you for shipping.  There would be a $20 fee for creating a custom box/packaging for your order.  We don't charge to take your order to FedEx for you if billed directly to your account.


We can arrange many options for installation of your signage. From applying decals to your storefront, hanging a "For Lease Banner" on a brick building, bolting a metal plaque to your office and installation of post and panel signs for a permanent or temporary real estate site. Just let us know if you'll need a quote for installation to go along with your signs.

** Excluding longer term project signs: plaques, 3D logos, Displays or Stands etc. Generally, banners, posters, podium signs, decals are 24 hour turnaround.  Installation is not "next day".  Often we need 4 or 5 business days after your order is completed to schedule installations.

Site Survey

Often a Site Survey is not needed and generally "a formality".  To keep everyone safe; please consider a Zoom Site Survey.

90% of a site survey is using your cell phone to take photos and just a few key measurements with a measuring tape.  Trust me, You Can Do This!

We charge to do a site visit.  Please email or call us with specifics such as to how many signs, where they are going, etc. and we can estimate the cost for a site survey.  Usually this can be done by you the client.  Email us a few photos of the perspective sites where you'll need your signs.  Send us a couple of quick measurements along with your logo or the verbiage and we can usually quote your order from there without having to take the time to schedule a site visit.