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A Frame PVC Sandwich Board Sign
PVC Aframe with 24"x36" Sign Inserts

Draw in potential new customers or raise awareness of an event or special with this cafe style sidewalk aframe sign.

Sidewalk signs or A-frames have been an advertising staple outside of cafes, restaurants and retail establishments for...; well probably forever.  The sign inserts we will design for you are guaranteed to maximize imapact and grab the attention of your perspecitve new clients as they happen past your business.  Advertise specials here & draw in new customers right off the street!

There are many options here & many different sizes avaialbe, too.  Some wooden cafe sidewalk signs stay outside for years & some are much more portable.  We recommend securing yours outside with a bicycle chain & lock.


Also called Sandwich Boards or Cafe Signs

windmaster A-frame sandwich board
Exterior Small Windmaster A-frame

This frame is great because it is so easy to change out the entire sign insert on both sides. Advertise specials & change them often!

The insert signs can be aluminum, PVC or coroplast.  Each product is durable & has a great look.  Budget & how long you intend to advertise the information may drive us to suggest one product over the other. Draw upon our experience to help you to decide what works best for you.